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Educational Software Engineering for Enterprise

We provided custom e-learning solution for intelligent learning platform that drives companies from challenge to change

Key features

  • Personalize corporate trainings

    Personalize corporate trainings

  • Engage employees in study

    Engage employees in study

  • Change learning habits

    Change learning habits

American Fork, Utah
US, Asia, Australia, Europe
Team size:
30 members and growing

ASP.NET MVC / Bootstrap / Breeze / Chai / COM / Gulp / HTML5 / JQuery / Knockout / Microsoft CRM Dynamics / Microsoft Power-BI / Mocha / MS Azure / OWIN / Selenium / Sinon.JS / SPA JavaScript / TFS / Webpack

About the client

BrainStorm is a global provider of cloud-based eLearning and enterprise and eLearning solutions for Fortune 500 companies. BrainStorm learning platform teaches employees how to use corporate software in a way that’s relevant to their jobs and their work styles. BrainStorm has twenty years of experience training users on Novell, Corel, and Microsoft products (Windows, Office, OneDrive, Skype, etc.) through thousands of searchable and shareable video tutorials, interactive templates, online sessions, assessments, files and different types of web sources.

Educational Software Engineering for Enterprise

BrainStorm came with the challenge

The digitalization of businesses from various industries has produced a booming demand for corporate software literacy and custom elearning solutions training. As a software training development innovator, BrainStorm quickly grasped the potential business opportunities. Their action plan involved developing QuickHelp, a new Microsoft Azure-based learning platform that teaches people how to use and adopt software. This platform would allow enterprises to organize corporate trainings using cloud-based tools for engaging video tutorials, online software usage courses, and other user-centric content.

A competitive strategy that has lacked in-house development capabilities led BrainStorm to seek a development partner for their cloud-based video tutoring platform that was aimed at changing working habits and lifestyle of employees in the US and later around the globe. They chose Intellias as their strategic outsourcing partner because of our proven expertise in .NET and cloud solutions as well as our delivery and dedicated team services.

Intellias provided educational software engineering

Our collaboration began with a small web app project involving four developers. The successful delivery of this app gave BrainStorm the confidence to move to full-scale product development. Bit by bit, BrainStorm passed their entire development process to Intellias, leaving only business requirements engineering on their side. Our dedicated team started growing, becoming BrainStorm’s single e-learning software development center.

The initial version of QuickHelp was delivered by two teams with 15 members between them and was guided by the well-established Scrum framework. To cover the growing list of requirements for the next version, we doubled our number of teams and members. For the second version of QuickHelp we moved to a new set of technologies, including React. We conducted rigorous intra-team training as well as external training sessions to make sure the shift was seamless. We also provided post-production support for both versions of QuickHelp, fixing issues, handling change requests, and implementing improvements.

Our 30 engineers delivered a Microsoft Azure-based solution that helps prepare and manage thousands of on-demand video tutorials on business productivity applications licensed by Microsoft, Corel, and Novell. 

What did our client get?

  • Selecting among 15,000 candidates in Intellias’ internal recruitment database to create an elearning platform development
  • Applying tried-and-true project governance methods 
  • Assembling four project teams with a total of 30 senior IT professionals 
  • Following the Scrum methodology 
  • Conducting efficient team trainings to adopt new technologies and approaches 
  • Bringing on testing and DevOps engineers 
  • Providing full-cycle software development 
  • Regular releases ranging from bi-weekly and more often on-demand 
  • Developing two versions of the product with improvements between launches 

We achieved great results together

After six years of collaboration, Intellias has become the bedrock of BrainStorm’s development. The custom elearning solution as QuickHelp training platform has allowed employees to access thousands of training videos, track their expertise, get recommendations, organize their personal libraries, upload and share their own videos and participate in online instructor-led training sessions.

We’ve developed a productive synergy that has allowed Brainstorm to win such reputable clients as GM, Morgan Stanley, Michigan State University, and many others. 

We helped BrainStorm

  • Establish software development department with all organization, management, and logistics
  • Expand their presence in the $40+ billion eLearning market
  • Acquire over 1.5 million active users worldwide
  • Sign exclusive deals with such software giants as Microsoft, Novell, and Corel
  • Integrate their training solutions at 3M, Tesla, Toyota, Goldman Sachs, and Harley Davidson
  • Develop a Microsoft Office add-in that’s accessible from the Ribbon and the Agave Pane
  • Implement Live ID authentication
  • Make video content searchable


Intellias is a critical and integral extension of our product team. I continue to be more and more impressed with the great company Intellias has become. The people we work with are excellent and there has never been a question of integrity or commitment. This truly reflects on the values instilled by owners and management.

Derek Adams, CTO at BrainStorm

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