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Energy Accounting and Control Platform

We designed and developed an engaging, high-performance web UI for an energy management platform

Key features

  • Aggregate energy usage data

    Aggregate energy usage data

  • Visualize data and generate reports

    Visualize data and generate reports

  • Plan energy optimization measures

    Plan energy optimization measures

Energy Management
Munich, Germany
Global (35 countries)
Team size:
6 members
2012 – present

Apache Maven / Bless CSS / CSS / Deft JS / Ext JS / Grunt JS / Highcharts JS / HTML / HTML5 / Jasmine / JavaScript / Jenkins / JSHint / Mocha / Sass & Compass

About the client 

Our client is a German conglomerate and Europe’s largest industrial manufacturer. Their products and services target sectors including energy, automotive, industrial automation, construction, infrastructure, and healthcare. Listed on the Fortune Global 500, our client’s company and subsidiaries employ hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, with global annual revenue reaching the tens of billions of US dollars. Their sophisticated platform for energy accounting and control has been shipped to over 750 companies and corporations across 35 countries and controls 48,000 buildings, 158,000 data points, and 734 million meter readings yearly.

Energy Accounting and Control Platform

Our client came with the challenge 

For over a decade, our client had been offering an integrated web-based platform for observing, analyzing, and regulating the energy consumption of buildings and real estate. Their platform had been helping corporations, hospitals, universities, and many other use energy sustainably. However, one of their end customers started experiencing problems. Due to the growing volume of energy usage data, the performance of the platform’s frontend had started deteriorating, and the lack of data visualization and reporting capabilities became a more acute problem.

This is when our client came to Intellias. They needed to build an experienced web development team that could help their in-house Java backend team in reworking the technological foundation of their legacy Adobe Flex-based frontend application. 

Intellias developed the solution 

Intellias started supplying team members to work as part of our client’s organization. This team was intended to build the frontend for the energy management application using Ext JS and additional APIs and frameworks. 

Over the course of several months, our team evaluated the existing system, analyzed our client’s new requirements, and suggested a totally different frontend architecture both conceptually and technologically. 

This new architecture relied on HTML5 and hundreds of modern JavaScript components to enhance visualization and reporting capabilities. The new solution also outperformed the existing on all popular web browsers when fed twice the volume of usage data. Once the new design was approved, our Intellias team moved on to the development and quality control.

We achieved great results together 

The released product has been highly appreciated by end customers for being faster, more modern looking, more functional, and easier to use. 

Today, our collaboration is still flourishing. Intellias has taken over responsibility for continuous maintenance and further product development. Because of our strong technical expertise, many responsibilities have been transferred to our Intellias team. Collaboration has helped our client to extend their team’s abilities and focus on backend enhancements. Our long-term partnership is built on reliability and a continuous drive for improvement. 

We helped our client’s end users: 

  • Work with a modern and attractive frontend 
  • Load consumption data quickly when browsing data-intensive pages 
  • Analyze energy usage statistics via interactive charts 
  • Generate reports via sophisticated data grids with extended sorting, grouping, and pagination capabilities 

They had a huge impact. The collaboration provided a lot of backend-focused capacities which we can utilize differently. A lot of tasks were transferred to Intellias, which was done well in a reliable way.

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