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Financial Data Management System

We developed a solution that optimizes financial market data flows and turns them into valuable insights

Key features

  • Verify data accuracy

    Verify data accuracy

  • Get real-time data from a multisource database

    Get real-time data from a multisource database

  •  Store proprietary data

    Store proprietary data

The Netherlands
Team size:
8 members
4 years

Apache Camel / Arquillian / CDI / Dozer / EJB / Hibernate / Java / Java EE / JAXB / JBoss Fuse / JMS / JSF / MDB / Microservices / OSGi / QueryDSL / REST / SOAP / Spring

About the client

ShareCompany is a Dutch company that provides data management systems in financial services domain. The company designs, develops, implements, and hosts financial data management solutions that draw data from world-renowned vendors. Our client’s customer portfolio includes banks, brokerage firms, asset management companies, insurance companies, and media holdings which are using its financial market data management.

The client has demonstrated the fast growth of its end customers base. Now, they have access to information from various sources and applications that are processing large amounts of financial data. The list of the end customers includes Rabobank, Delta Lloyd, Akzo Nobel, Bleckmann Netherlands, Imtech, and 450 other organizations.

Financial Data Management System

ShareCompany came with the challenge 

To secure their market position and deliver new products and features faster, our client needed to increase their development capabilities. Intellias took over all of the frontend and part of the backend development tasks for their financial data management system (DMS). Hosted by our client, this system provides banks and financial institutions with access to real-time stock quotes, market information, and financial news from a multisource database via a secure RESTful API. The database content is supplied by some of the world’s key financial data vendors – FactSet, Lipper, IDC, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

The additional challenge that the client needed to overcome was the availability of necessary expertise on the local talent market, so the choice of an outsourcing capacity was more than natural. Intellias location and cultural proximity together with a deep knowledge of technology stack have played a decisive role. 

Intellias developed the financial data management software

The client’s solution is covering design, development, implementation, and hosting of high-end financial data. A collected volume of financial data is converted into comprehensible information that is precisely tailored to the needs of organizations and end-users. The data management system enhances the effect of the existing internal communication mix within organizations. It includes a user-friendly CMS for placing internal messages and simply linking them to existing business applications that include potentially necessary data. The system allows enterprises or institution to consolidate its financial data, maintain compliance with assigned rules, and create comprehensive financial reports.

Intellias developed a top-notch data management system that helps financial institutions receive real-time stock quotes, market data, and company news from a multisource database via a secure RESTful API. It also lets customers securely store their own proprietary data with the option to verify its completeness and accuracy. This DMS solution currently processes 400,000 records per second, though our client’s ambition is to increase that number to one million.

Our data management platform for financial data received:

  • Organized and optimized data flows, minimized manual intervention, and increased data processing capabilities 
  • Guaranteed data integrity 
  • Managed data flows in the front, middle, and back offices 
  • Seamless interconnection of data management, data services, and data applications while still allowing each to be used separately 

We achieved great results together

Our long-term partnership has helped our client expand their business offerings, enhance financial market value proposition for data management, and acquire new clients, including several reputable Dutch banks. Often these clients were flooded with market data from decentralized sources, ranging from information about investment products to data on risk management systems. This leads to high costs and many questions about the value of this data. The data management system saves customers a lot of time, effort and costs by taking, storing, processing and distributing large quantities of market data from various sources to the right applications, systems, and processes. In such a way, the solution helps decentralize data and transform it into usable insights. 

We helped ShareCompany:

  • Strengthen the security layer that ensures authorized access to sensitive proprietary data 
  • Improve the web portal where customers manage subscriptions and settings 
  • Support notable financial data vendors ranging from banks and insurance companies to fund research companies 
  • Offer multilingual support for financial reports with market data 

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