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Innovative Vacation Rentals Management Platform

We’re helping to refine the competitive advantage of one of the world’s most disruptive short-term SaaS rental platforms

Key features

  • Manage listings, properties, and operations in one dashboard

    Manage listings, properties, and operations in one dashboard

  • Distribute listings via multiple channels

    Distribute listings via multiple channels

  • Keep in touch with guests through one inbox

    Keep in touch with guests through one inbox

Rental Management, Property Technology
Team size:
8 members
Feb 2018 – present

Docker / JavaScript / MongoDB / Node.JS / RabbitMQ / React / Redis / Redux

About the client 

Although a relatively young Israeli tech startup, our client has already produced a lot of fuss in the global short-term rentals industry with their innovative end-to-end software for managing vacation rental. Their solution enables property management firms of all sizes to supervise all their rental listings, booking channels, reservations, properties, and operations through a single dashboard.

Equipped with advanced automation tools, this cloud-based SaaS platform helps minimize manual effort in routine operations like providing generic replies to guests, handling prices, responding to guest inquiries, and more. The platform’s robust reporting capabilities include creating detailed summaries of check-ins, payments, and cancellations and customizing reports to specific needs.

The vacation rental accounting software is integrated with dozens of the world’s top vacation rental services including Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor. This makes our client’s offering even more attractive for property management companies, vacation rental businesses, and homeowners around the world who are looking to save time and increase profits by focusing on growing their property portfolios.

Innovative Vacation Rentals Management Platform

Our client came with the challenge 

In recent years, the global real estate market has seen no faster-growing business than the short-term rental industry. A significant share of travelers are choosing urban and rural private vacation rentals over conventional hotels. And this share is expected to grow significantly in the years to come.

This growth has been fueled by IT breakthroughs as well as entrepreneurial pioneers desiring to make the rental industry accessible to millions through digitalization and automation. As one of those pioneers, our client has been investing heavily in their vacation rental management software in terms of new functionality and booking channel integrations. To keep up with the influx of new customers and bolster their market-leading position, they needed an extra hand to cover their development build-up. Intellias offered its proven expertise in SaaS and cloud development, reinforced by its 1,000+ in-house engineers and access to the 100,000-strong tech talent pool in Ukraine.

Intellias is developing the solution 

We’re working as an extension to our client’s engineering team of 30 developers. Overall, the client needs three engineering teams comprised of 14 senior- and lead-level specialists. So far, we’ve formed one frontend team of three full-stack JavaScript experts and another backend team of five JavaScript/Node.js engineers. The third team is currently being recruited. The planning, scoping, and process control of our backend team’s activities are handled by our in-house team lead, while on the client’s side we work directly under two leads.

Our full-stack team is currently responsible for improving the responsiveness of the unified dashboard for property managers. And our team is getting good results, making the user interface of the client’s vacation rental platform informative, consistent, and attractive independent of browser or device. Intellias engineers have also undertaken a massive rewrite of the frontend application from AngularJS to React. The main benefit here is that by combining HTML and JavaScript into the same files and into individual components, we end up with more maintainable code that’s easier to test and reuse.

Intellias backend engineers are working on increasing the portfolio of our customer’s B2B partners. We’re currently onboarding two new booking channels — TripAdvisor and Expedia. We’re also optimizing existing integrations with This optimization lies in splitting the monolithic application into smaller, mutually connected microservices. The new architecture will reduce the complexity of the application and present an easier way to extend it with new features and adopt new technologies in the future.

We’re achieving great results together 

Our collaboration is full steam ahead. By the end of October, we’re planning to introduce another engineering team to our project to respond to our client’s increased development needs. Additionally, given the positive results the client sees from outsourcing their technical challenges to Intellias, we’re expecting to further extend our collaboration to other technological areas in the future.

In particular, our client envisions a React Native-based mobile app serving as a simplified version of the web dashboard. Slowly but confidently, we’re bringing our cooperation to an entirely new level, with Intellias becoming a strategic engineering partner for this innovative tech company.

The services we provide are helping our client: 

  • Onboard popular booking channels and offer more potential commercial victories to their customers 
  • Reach new rental businesses around the world while retaining and multiplying their commitment to existing customers 
  • Sustain their competitive advantage in the global short-term and vacation rentals sector with an advanced feature set, an enhanced responsive UI, and improved scalability 
  • Free up their management and engineering resources for R&D activities on promising business opportunities  
  • Gain a reliable engineering partner capable of staffing talented teams and delivering on time and on budget 

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