Case study

Integrated Payment Processing Platform

We helped a FinTech platform provider make over 100 localized payment options available via a single integration

Key features

  • Process payments

    Process payments

  • Protect privacy

    Protect privacy

  • Eliminate risks and fraud

    Eliminate risks and fraud

Team size:
25 members

ASP.NET Framework / ASP.NET Web API / AngularJS / RabbitMQ / MySQL / MariaDB/ MongoDB / Elasticsearch

About the client

EveryMatrix is an award-winning B2B software vendor that provides innovative payment solutions to top players in FinTech and range of other interlinked industries. Their product portfolio includes eWallets, a content aggregator, a PCI DSS-compliant payment processing solution, as well as gaming management and multi-brand affiliate management solutions.

Integrated Payment Processing Platform

EveryMatrix came with the challenge

Headquartered in London, EveryMatrix already had six development centers across Europe and Asia. The company was no longer able to rely solely on its own development centers, however, due to lack of engineering talent and difficulties scaling.

EveryMatrix started looking for a partner that could offer flexible cooperation, access to a wide market of tech talent, and quick staffing for projects. In 2015, EveryMatrix signed a five-year contract with Intellias to develop MoneyMatrix – a B2B payment processing platform with ample risk management and fraud prevention capabilities.

The plan was to bring this platform from concept to market by Q1 2017 – and we made it happen. 

Intellias developed the solution

Our objective was to develop a product that would minimize the burden and expense of payment integration for merchants. We enriched MoneyMatrtix with features such as transaction monitoring, shared workspaces, a flexible rules engine, advanced risk mitigation, and customer verification. Our development team came up with algorithms to determine which payment methods offer the best conversion rates in real-time.

As a secure payment services provider, EveryMatrix needed to go through a strict validation process to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). To achieve this significant milestone, we brought on a dedicated security specialist who prepared MoneyMatrix for the PCI Level 1 audit and maintained compliance during both development and production. 

Wsuccessfully built this payment platform by 

  • Assigning top engineering talent 
  • Working according to a flexible governance model 
  • Getting direct support from Intellias’ CEO 
  • Hiring a local product manager 
  • Gathering steering committees 
  • Holding deep dive meetings 
  • Adhering to Agile development processes 
  • Tracking key performance indicators 

Wachieved great results together

Alongside EveryMatrix, we developed a product that’s unbeatable within FinTech industry in terms of its coverage, security, and licensing convenience. Our ingredients for success were EveryMatrix’s own battle-tested payments experience, the latest FinTech findings, and Intellias’ engineering know-how.

MoneyMatrix sets the industry standard by making multi-acquiring, eWallets, online vouchers, instant banking, and bank transfers with over 100 localized payment options accessible to merchants worldwide through a single integration. 

EveryMatrix offers the following benefits to businesses: 

  • Real-time fraud management 
  • Customer profiling and verification 
  • Independent audit verification 
  • Extended back-office solutions 
  • DDoS mitigation 
  • 13 TB data warehouse
  • Real-time business intelligence reporting 
  • Cardholder data (CD) tokenization and secure CD storage vault 
  • Customizable UI for PCI-compliant CD input and transfer 
  • Payment API for third-party integrations 

It was a departure from our normal practice. The reason for doing it was because of the size of the project — we felt that we needed to have a reasonable assurance of staffing up quickly. It’s been a pleasure working with Intellias, and I have very little to say in terms of improvements.

Ebbe Groes, CEO at EveryMatrix

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