Intellias is Co-organizing IT Arena 2018 in Lviv

Intellias steps into a new role as co-organizer of the biggest IT conference in Eastern Europe

August 03, 2018

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September 28–30, Intellias will take part in the organization of IT Arena 2018 in Lviv. One of the drivers of the local Lviv IT community, Intellias will for the first time be a co-organizer of the biggest technology event in Eastern Europe. Last year, Intellias was an exclusive technology partner of IT Arena. This year, the company decided to take its involvement a step further.

This will be the fifth time that IT Arena takes place in Lviv. The event will gather thousands of software developers, IT experts, owners of software engineering companies, founders of well-known startups from around the world, and enthusiasts of the newest technologies.

This year’s event will welcome nearly 3000 participants and about 100 speakers to the city’s biggest stadium, Lviv Arena. For the second time, IT Arena 2018 will move the third-day meetups to Lviv’s historic city center. In ten places in the heart of Lviv, fifty meetups will take place on a wide variety of topics.

Among this year’s innovations, IT Arena 2018 will introduce a Startup Track, which will unite digital advertising experts, IT marketing gurus, cybersecurity specialists, business owners, top managers, investors, and dozens of startups from Ukraine and throughout Europe. Participants will present their ideas at the Startup Competition.

During this year’s event, participants will be able to see new and interesting technologies at the Startup Alley exhibition, chat with speakers, and relax at memorable afterparties.

IT Arena has already become a must-visit event, a meeting point for top IT people in Ukraine, such that we all say, ‘see you at IT Arena.’ As IT Arena grows, I hope it will be a meeting point for top IT professionals in Eastern Europe to come to Lviv for this conference, so you may also say to them ‘see you at IT Arena’ as often as we say it to our colleagues here in Lviv.

Michael Puzrakov, COO at Intellias

For Intellias, it’s an honor to join the reputable team of conference organizers headed by Lviv IT Cluster. IT Arena gives unique opportunities to unleash the full potential of Ukraine as a country of innovation and the most visible IT hub in Central and Eastern Europe, with more than 140,000 IT professionals. People visit IT Arena to exchange business ideas, get inspired with success stories of other companies, and dive into fruitful networking.


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