Intellias Headquarters Moved to A-Class Office Center

Intellias brought its Lviv teams under one roof to Optima Plaza, the city’s first eco-friendly office center

February 04, 2017

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On February 4, 2017, Intellias brought its Lviv teams under one roof in Optima Plaza, the city’s first eco-friendly office center. Intellias currently occupies the top three floors, with a total working space of 5,000 square meters. This provides the company with the flexibility to scale quickly to meet client demands and gives room for growth.

Office center highlights

Intellias Headquarters Moved to A-Class Office Center

Optima Plaza is a state-of-the-art office center with a contemporary exterior and a personalized interior that reflects Intellias’ distinctive brand. What’s remarkable about the building is its compliance with strict standards for certification as a green building. Using alternative energy sources, Optima Plaza consumes 40% less energy than the average building in Lviv. Solar collectors and coolers with heat pumps on the roof continuously provide hot water and cool down the premises during the warm season.

The building is equipped with excellent infrastructure, initial pass control, sunscreens for workplaces, a traditional Linder floor, sound insulation, and automatic climate control, along with a parking area for 268 cars and 50 bicycles that includes a free electric car charger. Employees have access to the SportLife fitness club as well as many lunch spots to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

International recognition

Optima Plaza is Ukraine’s first pre-certified green facility to receive a “very good” ranking from BREEAM, a licensed assessor of building sustainability worldwide, and to be recognized by LEED as a bright example of an eco-friendly facility that implements resources efficiently and shows care for the environment.

In addition to the building’s small environmental footprint, its full-armored security system has helped Intellias achieve ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, an international standard for information security management proving that Intellias and its partners can guarantee the highest level of information security.

Intellias has always given special priority to creating a working environment for both in-house teams and visiting partners that meets high standards and inspires excellence. The choice of Optima Plaza as Intellias’ new smart and comfortable home reflects the company’s values.

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