Case study

Loan Comparison Platform

We developed backend components for a borrower-focused loan comparison web portal

Key features

  • Make quick loan decisions

    Make quick loan decisions

  • Connects borrowers with investors

    Connects borrowers with investors

  • Protects the parties with secured banking

    Protects the parties with secured banking

Team size:
February 2017–present

Backbone / Hibernate / Java / JavaScript / Microservices / MVC / Node.JS / React / RESTful / Spring

About the client

Our FinTech client runs Germany’s leading online loan comparison platform, which connects private borrowers to banks and investors. To date, this platform has facilitated approximately €2 billion in loans. Headquartered in Berlin, our client’s company has grown to over 230 employees.

Loan Comparison Platform

Smava came with the challenge

Our client wanted to refine their free online platform that helps individual borrowers compare loans and find the best option. But first, our client needed to select a partner with proven experience setting up and efficiently collaborating on multi-vertical projects. Intellias met this criteria thanks to our expertise in complex solutions for the financial and investment management domains. After deciding to work with Intellias, our client also asked us to tackle two other challenges – a lack of technical documentation and a high turnover rate of knowledge holders – which we did by creating a comprehensive technical knowledgebase.

Intellias developed the solution

We’re currently working on scaling engineering capacity for the project. Our team is assessing our client’s software development life cycle within the scope of the loan scoring backend component and borrower-oriented responsive web portal, which have been outsourced for maintenance and support. Intellias has already made a number of recommendations to address issues with project management, architecture, coding standards, delivery methodology, and quality control.

Our approach to delivering a loan scoring backend solution:

  • We’re building an engineering team as an extension of our customer’s core development team.
  • We’ve moved toward a customized Scrum framework for project management.
  • We’ve adapted our continuous integration and delivery model to meet our client’s needs.

We achieved great results together

We continue to scale our client’s team to meet the initial goal of doubling its size and covering all development needs. Though we’re still at the beginning of our collaboration, Intellias has already brought organizational benefits to our client by adapting our delivery framework to meet their specific needs.

Intellias team extension has provided our client with:

  • An optimized, transparent, and predictable development process with defined roles and iterations;
  • A continuous delivery model and timely product shipment;
  • Superior quality of code due to continuous integration practices that control defects during build and integration sprint cycles;
  • A maintainable and scalable product thanks to a properly redesigned architecture and properly refactored code;
  • Enhanced collaboration between product owners and development teams;
  • A quality assurance competency lead who is responsible for setting up all test case tools

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