Fuel your company with extra capacity

Applied methodologies

  • Capacity extension

    We provided dedicated teams to work on particular engineering tasks using the LeSS framework

  • Component development

    We helped develop parts of the product and were responsible for managing implementation and processes

  • Program development

    We took over product ownership, product strategy, and budget planning

Measured KPIs

Both Intellias and our client were interested in measuring quality and tracking progress, so we defined key performance indicators (KPIs) for the project. In addition to measuring quality, we also defined the efficiency of work streams management and collected metrics on organization and transparency of the delivery process. We also measured the efficiency of communication, level of employee engagement and proactivity.

In less than a month, Intellias was able to quickly ramp up a cross-functional team of 20+ people without compromising candidate quality. Followed by one month of onboarding and several months of knowledge transfer, the team became fully operational and truly independent in less than half a year.
Andrew, R&D Director at Global LBS provider

Knowledge management

  • Preparation

    We learn what our client’s in-house team has already done, set up a workflow, establish best practices, tools, metrics, and documentation to build a roadmap for passing knowledge from the in-house team to its nearshore extension
  • Scheduling

    We develop delegated components under the supervision of the client’s in-house management and engineers – the client’s team performs compilation and testing
  • Reverse scheduling

    We examine and verify code developed by our client’s in-house team – Intellias performs testing and validation

Scaling up and down

  • Flexible capacity

    We scale capacity to best implement your business strategy
  • Ramp-up

    We set up a core team and plan its growth, which includes sharing the knowledge necessary to complete upcoming tasks and get new team members up to speed

  • Ramp-down

    We scale down or rotate between projects depending on actual workloads and your project roadmap while ensuring knowledge sharing across teams

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