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Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

Find out a list of the most exciting FinTech companies at Money20/20 in Amsterdam to not miss a thing there

May 17, 2018

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From June 4 through 6 Intellias will be at Money 20/20 Europe — the hottest FinTech event on the continent. With over 400 speakers and more than 5,000 business leaders attending, it’s the industry’s largest conference in Europe. This year, in Amsterdam, FinTech leaders will meet to share their insights about innovation in financial services.

With so many talented businesses (and Steve Wozniak) attending, it’s easy to get lost among the largest FinTech companies in the agenda. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the most promising and biggest FinTech companies to watch at this year’s Money 20/20.

Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

Intellias’ list of the top FinTech companies


Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

BS PAYONE is an outstanding European omnichannel payment provider. The company offers payment processing solutions for handling cards at brick-and-mortar stores, cashless payments at machines, online e-commerce payments, and in-app purchases. BS PAYONE processes more than 1 billion transactions, which makes it one of the leading payment transaction providers. They work with more than 255,000 customers in 18 European countries.

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Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

CashFlows is a remarkable, innovative provider of merchant payment solutions. It was one of the first independent UK payment institutions to be accepted as a Principal Member of both Visa and Mastercard. Today, the cloud-based CashFlows platform accepts payments from all major card providers through different channels.

CashFlows provides its services to businesses of all sizes across many industry sectors. It’s cost-effective, fast, scalable, and secure. The company is famous for its high-level customer onboarding and world-class technology.


Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

  • Founded: 2007
  • Location: Southborough, Massachusetts, USA
  • Size: 201–500 employees
  • Funding: $80 million
  • Website:

Credorax is a global provider of online payment processing and acquiring bank services. It was one of the first hi-tech companies in the world to become a Principal Member of Visa Europe and Mastercard. While US-based, Credorax also has offices in the UK, Japan, Malta, and Israel.

The company’s key weapon is Smart Acquiring. Combined with its Next-Gen Payment Processing, Smart Acquiring makes accepting payments easy, fast, and safe. Using Credorax’s single automated digital platform, ePower, online merchants worldwide can seamlessly integrate their payment services. Excellent commission rates, high transaction approval rates, and a wide range of value-added customer services is what Credorax offers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Credorax CTO Moshe Selfin share his insights on the future of banking. His talk, titled The Future of Banks: AI, Blockchain, and Other Tech Changing Our Money and Our World, will be held on Monday, June 4

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Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

Nobody knows more about collaboration-based technologies for FinTech than Ethoca. Ethoca is a leading global company in bringing together card issuing banks and merchants. Ethoca Alerts allows banks and merchants to collaborate to stop fraud, eliminate chargebacks, increase card acceptance, and recover lost revenue.

Today, the Ethoca Network includes thousands of merchants and hundreds of card-issuing banks, and it’s still growing.


Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

Hyperwallet is a FinTech company that offers solutions for mass online worker payouts. Hyperwallet’s multi-functional platform is a delight; it can send payments across many countries in different currencies. Also, it’s easy to integrate it through a REST API or work with it as a SaaS solution.

The platform’s features include a payout network, workflow administration, payee services, security, and compliance and tax reporting solutions.


Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

International FinTech company InComm is a leading innovator in stored-value gift and prepaid products. The company helps retailers build prepaid card destinations, helps brands connect with new markets, and helps consumers enjoy rewarding payment experiences.

InComm’s services include point-of-sale and wireless payment solutions, omnichannel options, cash-based services, toll payments, gift-giving innovations, and promotion options.

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Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

Isracard is Israel’s leading credit card company, with a 40-year history. It focuses on three fields of activity: financing, credit card issuance, and credit clearing services. Isracard invests in technological innovation. It offers a broad range of digital tools for businesses, including data direct, a security system, and the Isracard business application. For private customers, the company offers a variety of digital and online services.

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Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

N26 is the first European mobile bank, and it has a full European banking license. N26 was built to remove all the drawbacks of traditional banks, making it fast, simple, and secure. N26 bank accounts come with Mastercard, which means that users get IBAN support and can withdraw cash in Euros from any ATM.

Currently, the company offers three types of accounts: N26, N26 Black, and N26 Business. Standard account features include spending statistics, secure login, push notifications for account activity, and sending and requesting money.

Don’t miss your chance to meet the company’s CFO & founder Maximilian Tayenthal on June 4 when he gives a talk titled Is Europe China’s Innovation Lab?

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PPRO Group

Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

PPRO Group is a leading FinTech company that provides e-payment solutions. The company is a Principal Member of Mastercard and Visa and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. PPRO Group’s services include e-money, payment services, and value-added solutions. The company’s products cover the entire payment value chain, from acquiring to issuing and processing.

You can see PPRO Group CEO Simon Black hosting the interactive game show Who Wants To Be a Payments Millionaire? on June 4.


Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

  • Founded: 2014
  • Location: New York, New York, USA
  • Size: 51–200 employees
  • Funding: $107 million
  • Website:

R3 is a remarkable blockchain software firm that combines innovative technology, industry-wide collaboration, financial expertise, and regulatory engagement. R3 encourages collaboration for the sake of innovation in financial infrastructure. The company has managed to build an ecosystem of partners that work together to change global finance and commerce by adopting thriving blockchain technology.

R3’s blockchain platform, Corda, allows businesses to transact directly without friction, gain efficiency in complex business operations, reduce record-keeping costs, and streamline business operations. The company’s team of professionals is supported by over 2,000 experts from different industries who are members of the ecosystem.

Silicon Valley Bank

Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

  • Founded: 1983
  • Location: Santa Clara, California, USA
  • Size: 1,001–5,000 employees
  • Website: 

Founded in 1983, Silicon Valley Bank has a long history of supporting innovation. The company provides various financial services for enterprises, innovators, and investors. It has innovation centers all around the world. Silicon Valley Bank focuses on specific innovative industries: premium wine, hardware and infrastructure, software and the internet, life sciences and healthcare, energy and resource innovation, and private equity and venture capital.

Don’t miss the chance to hear Silicon Valley Bank’s head of payment strategies, Reetika Grewal, share her insights on meaningful strategies for creating FinTech partnerships. The Cutting Through the Noise – Strategies to Entice FinTechs into Your Fold discussion will be held on June 5.

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BMW Technology Corporation

Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

Part of the BMW Group, the BMW Tech Corporation is a company that specializes in building connected car services. However, it also provides interesting payment solutions for consumers. BMW Financial Services include various lease, financing, and subscription programs. BMW credit cards are issued by the BMW Bank of North America and licensed by Visa. They allow BMW’s customers to earn points for each billing cycle at BMW Centers and BMW Motorrad Dealers. The BMW rewards program includes financial services rewards, prepaid cards, vehicle and center rewards, and getaway rewards.

Top Twelve FinTech Companies to Watch at Money 20/20

FinTech has a bright future, and we’re happy to be part of it. Having chosen financial technology as our primary focus, we can’t afford to miss such an important and industry-defining event as Money 20/20 Europe 2018. Meet our representatives at the conference to discuss the tendencies and expectations in FinTech and the software solutions that bring them to life.

Feel free to contact us and arrange a meeting at the event.

See you at Money 20/20 in Amsterdam!

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